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Renovations and Remodeling

Have an apartment that needs a renovation? We specialize in designing apartments in the NYC area. 

We will take care of all aspects of apartment renovations including but not limited to:

~ Accurate and Firm Estimates 

~ Brownstone, Townhouse, and Co-op Gut Renovations 

~ Combining Apartments or Floors

 ~ Condo Kitchen and Bath Remodeling 

~ Fine Cabinetry, Built-Ins

 ~ Entertainment & Audio-Video Rooms 

~ Co-Op / Condo Renovations

 ~ Complete Plumbing, Electric & HVAC 

~ In-House Design Services 

~ All Work Under Single Management

Custom kitchen, renovations

Kitchen & Baths

 At Skyeline we love redesigning your kitchens and bathrooms with you! We provide various cabinet/vanity, counter top and back splash options for you to choose from. We hope these pictures from previous renovations spark some new and fun ideas for you! Of course we are always happy to add our own ideas to get you started! 


Office and Commercial Interior Renovations

 we specialize in office and commercial interior renovations as well.  We will help you design your commercial space to match the aesthetic of your branding while maximizing your workflow and productivity